PSHG membership genealogical and genetic results from both FTDNA and YSEQ are found in the PSHG Anthrogenealogy Study available to members.  To become a Member, visit the Goals & Membership page.

By joining this group PSHG Members and Associate Members surname, kit number, Y-SNP Haplogroup and Y-STR marker results are publicly made available in the FTDNA “DNA Results”> “Y-DNA Classic Chart“.

Because the PSHG uses both FTDNA and YSEQ for DNA testing, FTDNA Haplogroup listings may vary from the actual Haplogroups that are shown in the group headings of the Y-DNA Classic Chart due to YSEQ panel and single SNP test results.

In the FTDNA, DNA Results – SNP’s section, the Y-SNP’s listed by the PSHG at FTDNA tests do not list the PSHG at YSEQ SNP results. All results are found in the PSHG study book’s one & two.

UPDATE!  29 JAN 2015: PSHG white paper on new Y-SNP lineage below R1b-DF96 (Approved by ISOGG Sept 2013)> FGC13326> S22047> FGC13602> FGC13595> FGC13609, was presented to the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) on the 22nd November 2014 was approved and added to the ISSOG Haplotree on 29 January 2015.

Ref. ISOGG, Y-DNA Haplogroup R and its Subclades – 2015, rev. 29 January 2015.

UPDATE!  19 MAR 2016: Change (added FGC13604) to the PSHG Haplotree lineage below R1b-FGC13602> FGC13595> FGC13604> PSHG SNP’s FGC13609/FGC13605/FGC13601.

Visit our PSHG Haplotree Technical Data page for the PSHG Haplotree starting at R1b-M269 down to FGC13609/FGC13605/FGC13601 and SNP technical data including Y Chromosome position.

Visit our PSHG Haplotype Technical Data page for the PSHG Modal Haplotype and the Genetic Distance when compared to the R1b-U106 and R1b-FGC13595 Modal Haplotypes.