The PSHG Modal Haplotype is created using the Y-STR 111 results of the PSHG members that descend from Peter Staple of Kittery, Maine.

The PSHG Y-STR 111 Modal Haplotype compared to the R1b-U106 Modal Haplotype and R1b-FGC13595 Modal Haplotype.

Genetic Distance Compared to PSHG Modal Haplotype GD @ Y37 GD @ Y67 GD @ Y111
R1b-U106 9 12 21
R1b-FGC13595 6 7 11
PSHG Modal Haplotype 0 0 0

Due to hosting website limitations this data is best viewed in the linked PDF.  This format also more Printer Friendly.  Please visit –> PSHG Haplotree and Modal Haplotype 26feb18.


  1. PSHG Haplotree and Modal Haplotype 26feb18 by Art Staples.