PETER STAPLE (c1642-1719) Piscataqua Pioneer arrived at Kittery, Yorke County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, now York County, Eliot Maine before 1671.

The PSHG is involved in a unique HERITAGE ANTHROGENEALOGY STUDY to identify the ancestral roots of the  PETER  STAPLE FAMILY TREE  and its BRANCHES represented by his three sons, PETER JR., JOHN & JAMES, using GENETIC DATA supported by GENEALOGICAL PRIMARY and SECONDARY INFORMATION.


R1b-M269 > U106 > Z156 > DF96 > FGC13326 >
S22047 > FGC13602 > FGC13595 > FGC13604 > FGC13609/FGC13605/FGC13601.

See SNP technical data by visiting PSHG Haplotree Technical Data.

Is your Surname Staple or Staples?

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  • The PSHG is interested in hearing from Staple or Staples families who have roots in the State of Maine.
  • If you your Staple ancestor was born in Southwest England please contact the Group Administrator.

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