A) In order to add your Y-DNA results to the public Peter Staple Heritage Group (PSHG) – Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) website, YSEQ website and PSHG Studies this application must be completed and received by the PSHG Membership Administrator.

If you have any questions please contact Brian M. Staples, Group Administrator.

For applicants with no prior Y-DNA testing, the first test is the PSHG Y-SNP’s, FGC13609, FGC13605, and FGC13601.  This test confirms the applicant’s Y-chromosome relationship to the PSHG Genetic Family Tree.  The applicant must test positive for the PSHG Y-SNPs in order to proceed to the second FTDNA Y-111 test.

Applicants who test positive for the PSHG Y-SNPs will become provisional members.  Provisional members will be given instructions for contacting FTDNA and ordering the Y-STR 111 kit – which must be ordered within the time to the first FTNDA advertised sale of the Y111 test to maintain membership.  Provisional members are listed in the PSHG Study Book (PSHG ID number, date signed application) until full membership is achieved.  Full membership is granted after the Y-STR 111 Test results are received; at which time, they are entered into the PSHG Study Book with PSHG ID number, genealogical Y-DNA lineage, and genetic information.  The FTDNA Y-STR 111 marker results are used for comparing mutations to current members and their Genetic Family Tree Branch. The Y111 test is used to help understand our Genetic Family Tree Branches mutations.

When a full member sponsors a father, son or brother by testing using the member’s FTDNA BigY proven Direct Paternal Lineage SNP’s, the required Y111 test membership becomes optional.

B) The PSHG is a genetic study group and accepts applicant’s genealogical ancestral paternal lineage as presented. If an applicant wants to have their genealogical lineage to Peter Staple proven they need to contact the Registrar at the Piscataqua Pioneers genealogical society at –  Please note that the Piscataqua Pioneers society does not accept Y-DNA as proof of a genealogical father – son relationship between each continuous generation from the applicant to the approved Piscataqua Pioneer Peter Staple.

C) By requesting the PSHG Administrator to order the PSHG at YSEQ Y-SNP’s FGC13609, FGC13605, FGC13601 the applicant certifies to the following:

  1. I understand that progress in this genetic genealogy field of research depends entirely on the voluntary sharing of our DNA results data. Thus, when I become a member of the PSHG, I grant permission to the PSHG group administrators to place my FTDNA and YSEQ ID numbers with my Surname and/or in some cases initials along with my Y-SNP and Y-STR test data results on the internet and in PSHG studies.    IMPORTANT INFORMATION – I understand this information is part of the public domain from which it can never be cancelled or retrieved.  If I choose to provide the PSHG with DNA data from any source, by my own choice, I have granted permission to place it into the public domain. I understand that the part of my DNA data displayed in a public project such as the PSHG, or any other similar project, is subject to use by others who may wish to present it differently elsewhere.
  2. I am over 21 years of age and I have reviewed the information presented on this PSHG website, the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) , YSEQ and the FTDNA – PSHG websites and I have received satisfactory answers to any questions that I have asked.
  3. I agree to have my Y-DNA tested as required by the PSHG. I understand that the first YSEQ Y-SNP test is free except for return postage to the YSEQ lab.  I understand the price of the FTDNA Y-111 marker test and that I am responsible for payment.
  4. I agree that when I receive my YSEQ and FTDNA Test Kits, I will complete and mail the kits back for processing within 15 days or contact the Administrator for an extension of time.
  5. I understand that I alone am responsible for anything I post to the FTDNA – PSHG website through my FTDNA-PSHG Personal Pages, including but not limited to – Ysearch, Mitosearch and Genealogical lineage. I will keep my contact information current and review any FTDNA matches or emails on a timely basis.
  6. Individuals descending from Peter Staple that have transferred their DNA data to FTDNA from a third party such as and wish to join the PSHG agree to the YSEQ tests and to upgrade their Y-DNA markers to the FTDNA Y111 test.
  7. I hold the PSHG Administrators and all PSHG members and participants harmless for all consequences arising from my participation in the Peter Staples Heritage Group (PSHG), YSEQ Origins Project (YSEQ) and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

By entering this information and clicking Submit, I am agreeing to the above Agreement in total and effectively providing my signature.

Only males have a Y-DNA chromosome and therefore, the applicant/tester must be male. If you are not the tester, please also complete the sponsor section below.

Please enter the sponsor information if you are the researcher/interested party, but not the male applicant/tester. If you are female, you can sponsor a male family member who would be considered the Applicant.

By entering this information and clicking Submit, I am agreeing to the above statement and effectively providing my signature.

Rev# 29 Dec 2019