Peter Staple Jr. (referred to here as Peter Jr.) was probably born between 1671-1675 to Peter Staple (referred to here as Peter 1) and Elizabeth Beadle in Kittery, Maine.

Peter Jr. would have been a child around the time of King Phillip’s War – starting in 1675 when tensions between English settlers and the Wampanoag Native Americas rose to a boiling point.  English settlers suffered burned-down homes and destroyed cattle while the Wampanoag tribe was decimated by European-borne disease brought to the colonies.  By 1676 colonial forces killed the Wamponoag leader “King Philip” but skirmishes continued until 1678.

Several sources reference Peter Jr. as a carpenter who inherited his parents’ land deed in 1694, around age 20.  Shortly after, on 8 January 1695-6, Peter Jr. married Mary Lang (sometimes spelled Long).

Peter 1 died on 6 Jul 1718 leaving Elizabeth widowed a second time.  Peter Jr. died shortly after his father on 17 Dec 1721.  Peter Jr.’s will, probate 6 Dec 1720 – 4 Jan 1720-1, names Mary and all of his children, as well as an inventory of £1108 which, by some rough historical calculation of currency, would be over $225,000 in today (2018)’s US Dollars.

Peter Jr. and Mary’s children were:

  1. Mary b. 20 Sept. 1696; m. Moses Noble 31 May 1721
  2. Peter (3) b. 20 Aug. 1699; m. Joanna King
  3. Elizabeth b. 10 Oct. 1701; m. William Ham 18 Oct. 1719
  4. Robert b. 1 May 1704; m. Hannah Tobey, 25 Oct. 1726
  5. Anne b. 16 Mar 1705-6; m. Stephen Tobey 25 Oct. 1726
  6. Enoch b. 12 Mar 1707-8; m. Anne Hill
  7. Grace b. 17 Apr 1710-11; m. Tobias Leighton 15 Nov. 1727; d. 7 Nov. 1736
  8. Joshua b. 16 Sep 1712; m. Abigail Fernald

Peter Jr. and wife Mary are believed to be buried in Old Fields Cemetery in present day South Berwick, which was Kittery at the time.

Old Fields Cemetary - South Berwick ME (Peter & Peter Jr)


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