PSHG Website Launches

My name is Brian Merrill Staples.  Traditional genealogy and genetic genealogy through the testing of YDNA, indicates that Peter Staple (c 1642-1719) of Kittery, Yorke, Maine was my 9th great-grandfather.

I’m not the only one.  A small group of Peter Staple descendants are on a quest to find two things: 1) proof of the ancestral home of Peter Staple – believed to be somewhere in England, south of the Humber River, and 2) living cousins who are interested in participating in the study.

This website and blog is brand new for the group and will continue to be developed.  If you’re currently a PSHG Member and are interested in Blogging, please contact me!  Non-Members – Please help the cause by sharing via social media and social networks!  You never know who may know who.  DNA tells us that we’re all connected, all related – we just need to find each other.

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